Creating Agents of Change through Doctoral Learning

  • Aubrey L. C. Statti The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Kelly M. Torres The Chicago School of Professional Psychology


The proposed article seeks to provide a case study of a doctoral program aspiring to create change through student progress and provide an overview of how they have structured program curricula to promote academic and professional growth and empower students to become global leaders. Further, this proposed article is focused on providing a focus on the importance of learning technologies and how doctoral students develop the skill sets and expertise needed to employ technology into educational and organizational contexts to enhance academic outcomes, instructional approaches, and employee productivity. Particularly, information will be provided on the importance of providing students access to cutting edge technologies that are transforming the landscape of educational and organizational learning.

Author Biographies

Aubrey L. C. Statti, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Core Faculty

Educational Psychology and Technology, Ed.D. program

Kelly M. Torres, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Department Chair

Educational Psychology and Technology, Ed.D. program


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Statti, A. L. C., & Torres, K. M. (2021). Creating Agents of Change through Doctoral Learning. Impacting Education: Journal on Transforming Professional Practice, 6(1), 17–21.