Exploring Place-Based Education While Reflecting on My Own Place Growing Up in West Virginia





place-based education, community-based education, community centered instruction, West Virginia, coal industry


Place-based education (PBE) will be explored while weaving in my own experiences with place growing up in West Virginia surrounded by the coal industry. PBE is a teaching method that provides meaningful instruction for students by transforming their community or place into their classroom. PBE can teach students how to truly inhabit their places and become contributing citizens by helping their communities or places improve and eradicate any prevalent issues. The coal industry is still predominant in West Virginia even though it continues to bring destruction to the land and controversy among the residents. The coal industry was a prime example for PBE focus while I was student in K-12 schools in West Virginia, and I will present information for why it should continue to be a focus for PBE.


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