Facilitating and Supporting EdD Students’ Scholar Practitioner Writing as an Epistemological Tool

Carl I Fertman


Becoming adept at crafting scholarly writing is an important aspect of a doctoral student’s development.  Presented in this article is an EdD course, embedded writing scaffold that engages students and faculty to develop students’ scholarly inquiry projects.  That scaffold is the Applied Inquiry Plan (AIP).  The AIP creates a programmatic pathway to guide a Dissertation in Practice.  Working to improve the quality and value of scholar practitioner writing parallels and draws from efforts in the biomedical fields to develop writing guidelines that impact the quality and value of practice.  Creating and using the AIP provides opportunities for broad discussion of how to engage EdD students to view their writing as an epistemological tool.  Discussed is the AIP impact on EdD program redesign and improvement.   


Writing; writing scaffolds; EdD students; scholar practitioner; dissertation in practice;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/ie.2018.87


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