Design-Based School Improvement: A Practical Guide for Educational Leaders

Kristina Hesbol


Design-Based School Improvement offers a unique alternative to traditional school improvement literature by introducing design thinking to the school improvement process. This book is an exceptional and practical guide for educational leaders whose goals center on generating equity-informed solutions to persistent problems of practice. This innovative process frames a conversation differently about leading improvement, not only change, in today’s schools. Grounded in organizational change research, the book is a welcome roadmap for a systemic improvement process that engages a variety of constituents. It challenges leadership teams to identify “wicked” and persistent problems of practice, those with potential for resolution within a specific timeframe. Anyone who has engaged in the implementation of a paradigmatically different process would attest to that being easier said than done. Mintrop’s groundbreaking approach provides concrete support for transformative leaders who want to use such a significant and innovative approach to improve schools, addressing the core challenges of equity and resulting in improved learning outcomes for every student.




School improvement, design thinking, equity, improvement science, actionable problem of practice

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